Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki) — UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii


Mobile App

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon 2015 Hawaii 1st Place Best UI Winner.

Our three-man team developed a mobile app in less than 24 hours and presented it to a panel of judges. The app, “Dodge – Daily Traffic Avoidance”, aims to help Oahu citizens avoid daily traffic based on the Honolulu City & County’s island-wide events RSS feed.

The app accesses the RSS feed, reads off the parsed RSS feed data from a MongoDB database, renders the data as an interactive Esri map/data visualization, and displays this map and selected RSS feed data on the app.

I developed wireframes and implemented the front-end using Jade, CSS, Ratchet, jQuery, and Esri.

Brad Baris – Developer
Nathan Dorman – Back-end Developer
Jackie Wijaya – UI Developer/Front-end Developer

ForAT&T Mobile Hackathon 2015 RoleUI Developer/Front-end Developer
DateFebruary 2015 Tech StackMongoDB, Express, NodeJS, Jade, Ratchet, Esri

AT&T Hackathon Presentation

Map with event data points

Clicking on a point shows the user an event from the Honolulu City & County’s events RSS feed.