Jackie Wijaya


Personal projects and hackathons

StarFox: Responsive website layout (Live, GitHub)

I implemented a responsive, mobile-first landing page for mobile, tablet, and desktop using HTML, Sass/CSS, and the Foundation framework.

Check out the responsive website layout live.

Flappy App: Responsive website layout (Live, GitHub)

I implemented a responsive, mobile-first landing page for mobile, tablet, and desktop using plain HTML and CSS.

Check out the responsive website layout live.

Fastenate: Responsive Reddit API viewer (Live, GitHub)

I implemented a responsive Reddit API viewer using Sass/CSS, HTML, jQuery, and AJAX. The viewer loads data through asynchronous HTTP requests, and displays photos, titles, authors, timestamps, and view counts of subreddit posts on cards in a grid layout. For this demo, when different website sections are clicked, the app loads new posts.

Check out the responsive web app live.

Crunkitekt – Responsive gallery (CRUD) web app (Live, GitHub)

I implemented the front-end (styles, layout) and back-end (Passport user authentication/security, MongoDB setup, Express routes, and Heroku deployment) of a CRUD gallery web application. The CRUD app allows users to Create (add new photos), Read (view photos), Update (edit photos/descriptions), and Delete photos stored in MongoDB.

Check out the CRUD web app live.

Test out the admin panel using user: crunkitektand password: 123123”.

Pixel Painter: Drawing web application (Live, GitHub)

I implemented a pixel drawing web application using MongoDB, Express, Node.js, jQuery, Jade, and CSS. Users can draw, erase, clear the canvas, save and load drawings to/from a database.

Check out the web app live.

MeMote: Mobile mood and personal metrics tracking app

A few months after keeping track of personal metrics on an Excel spreadsheet, the data became unwieldy, and I wanted a nice way to visualize and look back at personal metrics from the previous weeks/months/year. I wanted to find out two things: (1) how my mood corresponded with days of the week/specific events occurring during a selected timespan, and (2) how my responses have changed to 5 questions I asked myself daily.

A year from now, I wanted to be able to reflect on these 5 questions:

(1) What was the best thing that happened today (my wins/successes)?

(2) What could have gone better (what did I learn, and resolve to do better next time)?

(3) What is the most important thing I must accomplish tomorrow?

(4) What is something new I can try tomorrow (expanding my experiences)?

(5) Who are the most important people in my life, and what am I doing for them now?

Different users might have different questions they want to keep track of. Currently, I have the questions pre-set, and when I answer them question-by-question, they get entered into MongoDB. When the user views the Stats page, their mood ratings for the past few days are rendered in a line graph, and logs of their responses for each question are listed. (Later I wish to implement word clouds and other visualizations based on linguistic analysis).

I implemented MeMote's front-end (Ionic framework, Sass/CSS, HTML, Angular, Chart.js, and Moment.js) and back-end (Node.js, Express, and MongoDB).

#Awkward: Global Game Jam Hackathon 2015

“Hashtag Awkward” is Cards Against Humanity for awkward situations. Our game was the Global Game Jam 2015 Hawaii 1st Place Winner.

I designed and developed the mobile web game in less than 48 hours with a fellow developer, testers, and a project manager. I developed wireframes (layout, game flow, interactivity) based on user stories, designed and illustrated the “Awkard Animals” (player avatars) using Adobe Photoshop, and implemented the game's front-end (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Dodge: AT&T Mobile Hackathon 2015

Dodge is a mobile app that aims to help Oahu citizens avoid daily traffic based on the Honolulu City & County's island-wide events RSS feed. Our app was the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon 2015 Hawaii 1st Place Best UI Winner.

My three-developer team built the app in 24 hours. I developed wireframes and implemented the UI/front-end using Jade, CSS, Ratchet, jQuery, and Esri.

The app accesses the RSS feed, reads off the parsed RSS feed data from a MongoDB database, renders the data as an interactive Esri map/data visualization, and displays this map and selected RSS feed data on the app.

Rock, Paper, Fireball: Simple web game (Live, GitHub)

A rock, paper, scissors alternative. I implemented the styles/layout, game logic, and AI component in vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Check out the web game live.