Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki)

UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii

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Be hungry. Be brave. Be kind.

Design and code are my crafts. I’m a UX designer with a background in full-stack web development. At my core, I’m a builder and a problem-solver.

I love whiteboarding and making sense out of chaos, whether it’s synthesizing user research, developing a site map or task flow, or refactoring lines of code. I have an eye for detail, whether it’s in clay figurines, lines of JavaScript, or pixel-perfect wireframes. I’m a perfectionist in everything ranging from Taiko drumming to Ashtanga yoga to design.

I’m always learning and experimenting, and I love being surrounded by creative and curious people who inspire me. When I’m not honing my craft, I’m enjoying comics, cartoons, and yoga.

I’m interested in opportunities anywhere, with a preference for Seattle.
Want to chat? Send me an email, or reach out on LinkedIn.