Jackie Wijaya


Vital signs monitoring dashboard





UX Design


August 2018 (3 weeks)





User research & testing


Competitive analysis

Heuristic evaluation

Concept sketches

Task flows

Mid-fidelity prototypes

Annotated wireframes

Remote test plan

Neopenda’s mission is to minimize the rate of preventable neonatal deaths by offering a 4-in-1 vital signs monitoring system. My team was tasked with improving Neopenda’s vitals monitoring dashboard and creating a remote test plan to pass on to Ugandan test coordinators.

In addition to contributing to all of the UX deliverables, I led my team in synthesis, task flow mapping, and prototyping the value proposition of our tablet solution in 2 days using Axure. Neopenda implemented our solution, conducted clinical trials in Uganda and the Tufts Medical Center, and won the 2019 Global Health Innovator Award.

We entered the world of Ugandan neonatal nurses.

Africa has the highest fertility rate in the world. However, the lack of infrastructureskilled people, and functioning equipment results in bleak outcomes for newborns. Many newborns are premature and have problems at birth, which are exacerbated by the lack of monitoring equipment, and the disproportionate newborn-to-nurse ratio in NICUs. Our client, Neopenda, passed along several statistics comparing NICUs in Uganda to the United States. In low-resource environments, nurses have to manually check newborn vitals one at a time in NICUs with a 20:1 newborn-to-nurse ratio. In comparison, NICUs in the United States have a 1:1 newborn-to-nurse ratio and high-end equipment to monitor sick newborns.

Neopenda’s goal is to bring vital signs monitoring, a basic tenet of clinical care, to Uganda and other low-resource environments in an affordable device.

Neopenda’s headband device prototype

Mid-fidelity prototype: I prototyped the value proposition of our solution, the redesigned dashboard and auto-scrolling alarm status sidebar in 2 days using Axure.

Neopenda’s redesigned vital signs dashboard


Here are some highlights of the project, including research and testing insights, concept sketches, task flows, and mid-fidelity prototypes that went into the vitals monitoring dashboard redesign.