Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki) — UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii


Mobile Web Game

Global Game Jam 2015 Hawaii 1st Place Winner. Our game, “Hashtag Awkward”, is Cards Against Humanity for awkward situations.

Designed and developed winning mobile web game in less than 48 hours with a fellow developer, testers, and a beloved project manager.


I developed wireframes (layout, game flow, interactivity) based on user stories, designed and illustrated the “Awkward Animals” (player avatar images) using Adobe Photoshop, and implemented the front end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) of the game.

ForGlobal Game Jam 2015 RoleUI/UX Developer, Illustrator/Designer, Front-end Developer
DateJanuary 2015 Tools/TechnologiesAdobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Wireframes (layout, game flow, interactivity)

Character sketches

Start page

Game instructions

“Card Reader” page

“Card Reader” page with timer running

“Card Reader” voting screen: after all player turns have elapsed, the Card Reader must choose the player with the best response to the round’s awkward situation.

Round win page (for player 1)

Game win page (for player 1)

Player screen: as soon as the player’s turn begins, the timer counts down 10 seconds while the player reacts to the awkward situation presented.