Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki) — UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii

TourPro (Festival/Tour Management Platform) - UX Case Study

Mid-fidelity Desktop Web App and Gmail Extension Prototype (UX)


UX designer: In addition to conducting interviews, concept tests, and usability tests with my team, I prototyped the most critical feature of our solution in Axure over two days, delegated the converged prototype design to team members, led Axure troubleshooting and workshop sessions, and refined our final prototype after testing.

Lead strategist: My teammates looked to me for facilitating synthesis and diagramming activities to make sense of our research and strategize our next steps.

UX architect: I proposed and mapped out a solution through task flows and sitemaps that reconciled contradicting wants and needs between user types through a Gmail extension and a standalone festival/tour management desktop platform.

ForTourPro RoleUX Designer, Lead Strategist, UX Architect
DateJuly 2018 (3 weeks) OutcomesUX research, mid-fidelity Axure prototype, annotated wireframes

TourPro tasked our team to work on a logistics management platform for festival and tour managers to complete the planning process (advancement) for live performances.

Our client

Ryan, TourPro owner, wanted to create a tool to help tour and festival managers complete the live performance planning process, referred in the music industry as advancing.

Our audience

We focused on users on both ends of the advancement process.
(1) On the festival/venue side: production managers, artist relations coordinators/liaisons.
(2) On the artist side: tour managers or the artists themselves.

This project gave me the opportunity to step behind the scenes of live performances, and learn all about the advancement process that takes place during weeks leading up to the DoS (day of show). In addition to bringing my web development background which helped me envision the architecture of our solution, I also brought 11 years of drumming (and drum loading) experience as a percussionist and taiko/Japanese drumming performer, which enabled me to jump into the logistics planning process of tour and festival managers.

Read the full case study on Medium.

Task flows I mapped out of the entire system, with the festival perspective in white on left, and artist perspective in grey on the right.

Our solution for TourPro’s festival and tour management platform. An advance form section from the artist’s perspective.