Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki) — UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii

MeMote (Pet Project)

Mobile App

Daily mood rating and personal metrics app.


A few months after keeping track of personal metrics on an Excel spreadsheet, the data became unwieldy, and I wanted a nice way to visualize and look back at personal metrics from the previous weeks/months/year.

I wanted to find out two things: (1) how my mood corresponded with days of the week/specific events occurring during a selected timespan, and (2) how my responses have changed to 5 questions I asked myself daily. A year from now, I wanted to be able to reflect on these 5 questions:

(1) What was the best thing that happened today (my wins/successes)?
(2) What could have gone better (what did I learn, and resolve to do better next time)?
(3) What is the most important thing I must accomplish tomorrow?
(4) What is something new I can try tomorrow (expanding my experiences)?
(5) Who are the most important people in my life, and what am I doing for them now?

Different users will have different questions they want to keep track of. Currently, I have the questions pre-set, and when I answer them question-by-question, they get entered into MongoDB. When the user views the Stats page, their mood ratings for the past few days are rendered in a line graph, and logs of their responses for each question are listed. (Later I wish to implement word clouds and other visualizations based on linguistic analysis).

Implemented front-end using Ionic framework, Sass, HTML, Angular, Chart.js, and Moment.js. Implemented back-end (API) using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

RoleClient-side and Server-side Developer Date2015
Tech StackMongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js, Chart.js

Home page: users can rate their mood using the slider.

After rating their mood, users can enter quick responses to questions they want to track.

Stats page: users can see their mood ratings for the past few days as a line graph, and logs of their daily responses.