Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki) — UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii

Crunkitekt (CRUD Gallery Web App)

Desktop and Mobile Web App


Desktop and mobile CRUD gallery web application. Allows user to Create (add new photos), Read (view photos), Update (update photos/descriptions), and Delete photos stored in MongoDB.

For this project, I implemented the front-end (styles, layout) and back-end (Passport user authentication/security, MongoDB setup, Express routes, Heroku deployment) of the application.

Deployed: https://crunkitekt.herokuapp.com
(You may test out the admin panel using username: “crunkitekt” and password: “123123” for the credentials.)
Github: https://github.com/jwijay/Express-Gallery/tree/master/app

RoleFront-end and Back-end Developer Date2015
Tech StackMongoDB, Express, NodeJS, Jade, Sass, Passport

Desktop version

Mobile/tablet version

Single page view

Image edit page

Admin page

Login screen

Wireframes (app pages, layouts, and user interactions) and database schema.