Jacqueline Wijaya (Toki) — UX Designer and Developer based in Seattle/Hawaii

UHERO Hawaii Innovation Matters (Desktop Web Application)

Desktop Web Application


Desktop web application developed for UHERO (Economic Research Organization at University of Hawaii) in a team of 6.

Data visualization which allows viewers to quickly and intuitively grasp economic trends at all time scales, both between states and against the national backdrop. Clearly illustrates Hawaii’s place in the larger economic context of the nation.

Deployed: http://uhero.hawaii.edu/static/dashboard/innovation/index.html#/


Project Leader: Assigned tasks using Taiga’s Kanban task manager, led scrum meetings. Led team to complete desktop web application successfully and on time.

Lead Developer: Set up client-side controllers in Angular, developed dynamic data visualizations in D3 (brush/slider which updates all charts on each indicator page, line graphs, hover tooltips, and legend), finalized styles in Sass/CSS. Splash page D3 donut visualizations.

ForEconomic Research Organization at University of Hawaii (UHERO) RoleProject Leader & Lead Developer
DateMarch 2015 Tech StackExpress, Angular, Node.js, D3, Sass